About Us

Gateway Marketing entered into business in 1996.  Gateway Marketing began as a sales organization that focused on CLEC sales, long distance sales, telephony sales, and general communications sales.  In 2000, Gateway Marketing began generating day drive tours. By the year 2002, Gateway Marketing was a leading provider of day drive tours for time share companies.  By mid 2008, Gateway Marketing was providing approximately 2,000 day drive tours per month nationwide.  Gateway Marketing was also actively involved in mini vacation sales, cruise line sales and other vacation products.   


In 2009, Gateway Marketing expanded its lead generation business into live transfers.  Since then, the Company has delivered over 200,000 live transfers to happy clients and happy customers.  The Company generates all of its' transfers out of its callcenters in Southern California, USA.  The Company generates live transfers and still does work in appointment setting and day drive tours with an interest in mini vacation sales.  Gateway Marketing is a full service sales and lead organization and is equiped for further growth.


Gateway Marketing has proven to be an excellent partner and asset to any Sales Organization.  Honesty, dependability, quality, and compliance are the cornerstones of the Company's business model.  


Gateway Marketing has been guided through the extensive economic up and downturns of the past two decades by great leadership.


Art Jemio, President of Gateway Marketing, Inc., has been able to provide trustworthy leadership and guidance through the turbulent last few years and guide the business to solid profitability and success.  Art Jemio has proven to be a savy business man with the ability to mold the Company's resources to the needs of the Company's clients.  Art Jemio is known in the telemarketing industry as an honest, trustworthy business man that always delivers on Ageements and fullfills all Orders.  

The Company, guided by strong leadership and vision, will continue to thrive and is an excellent partner to your sales force.