Gateway Marketing, a Sales and Marketing Corporation located in the United States.

Gateway Marketing is a full service sales and lead generation marketing company located in the United States.  Gateway Marketing specializes in sales and lead generation via telecommunications.  Gateway Marketing owns and operates two US based call centers.  Gateway Marketing has vast experience in inbound, outbound, b to b, resi, lead gen, and mail / online tele sales.  

The Company is fully equiped to handle any large or small Sales Campaign.  With experience in hundreds of different types of sales campaigns, including telecom sales,  vacation sales, real estate related sales, financial package sales, and other succesful sales campaigns, the Company is equiped to tailor a sales campaign to fit your needs and fulfillment expectations.  The Company has sold mini vacations, Carnival Cruise cabins, cell phone service, long distance service, local phone service, energy alternative solutions, attorney referral leads for mortgage and real estate, foreclosure prevention packages, financial education kits, pre-approved Credit Card offers, Webpage sales, phone feature enhancement sales, software sales, and credit repair sales.  


The Company also specializes in Lead generation, in particular live lead transfers.  With experience in hiome refinance, reverse mortgage, auto warranty, merchant cash advance,  debt settlement, debt management, debt consolidation, tax settlement, loan restructuring, loan refinancing, home security, health insurance, auto insurance, diabetics, mobility,solar, and home improvement, Gateway Marketing can ensure a steady stream of Qualified leads to your sales force.  Every live lead transfer is always Manager Verified and always generated in the United States from our own call center.


Gateway Marketing also has vast experience in appointment setting and tour generation for Time Share and Vacation Club Ownership Companies.  Since 2000, the Company has provided day drive tours for companies such as Wyndham Vacation Ownership, Bluegeen Resorts, Festiva Resorts, Shell Vacations, Epic Resorts, Trendwest Resorts, Fantasea Resorts, Premiere Resorts, Global Vacations, Pacific Monarch, Vacation Internationale, and Destiny Vacations.  The Company has been able to ensure a steady stream of Qualified Tours to view informative and entertaining time share and vacation club presentations. In 2008 alone, the Company generated over 20,000 day drive tours to various Time Share companies and vacation clubs.


How does Gateway Marketing deliver these results?  By generating interest in prospective contacts via telemarketing. Gateway Marketing ensures productivity while still staying compliant with all state and Federal Regulations. 


Gateway Marketing is looking for long term relationships that will develop into partnerships and alliances, rather than short term rewards.  Call us today and speak to us regarding possibly working together and beginning a long and profitable relationship.  Contact us at 1 (888) 253-4556.