Sales Campaign's

Sales, sales, sales!  The Company has been a telemarketing sales leader for 16 years.  The Company can custom create or take your existing model and implement your Campaign on sales floor in a matter of hours.


The Company has experienced sales agents and the infrastructure to be able to produce sales in a variety of verticles.


Previous sales experience includes  telecom sales,  vacation sales, real estate related sales, financial package sales, credit card sales, and other succesful sales campaigns.  The Company has also sold mini vacations, Carnival Cruise cabins, cell phone service, long distance service, local phone service, energy alternative solutions, attorney referral leads for mortgage and real estate, foreclosure prevention packages, financial education kits, pre-approved Credit Card offers, Webpage sales, phone feature enhancement sales, software sales, and credit repair sales. 


Call today and discuss how you can benefit from experienced phone sales operators and turn your campaign into profitability quickly and efficiently.


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